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Take a swig of country, dash of folk, mix it with essence of pop and you get Lynn Hazelton.

Lynn Hazelton: Melita Station

About the Haze

"4 songs nominations in the top 30 for the 2015 Australian Songwriters Association. Woo Hoo!"
~ Lynn Hazelton

"Hazelton's outback splendour to may be likened to Paul Kelly's suburban culture"
~ Fremantle Arts Review

Red road chronicles



From Boyup to Boulder 

Hello my friend, I'm baaaack!

Excited for two seventeen, a little bit nervous and a lot hopeful. Can't wait to finish my album but most of all to go Boulder to Boyup! Raring to get in the saddle, strap on the guitar and share some choons for this Saturday 4.15 pm.

Feeling sooo good to be kicking off the new year in my home state at Boyup Brook Country Music.

See you in a minute - Haze

2016 WAM Country Song of the year ‘Melita Station’ by Lynn Hazelton and Bill Chambers

Have a listen to the story behind the song...

My new album, book and show features 'Melita Station", WAM Country Song of the Year 2016.

  • Melita Station
    ~ WAM Country Song of the Year 2016