Lynn Hazelton

Take a swig of country, dash of folk, mix it with essence of pop and you get Lynn Hazelton.

Lynn Hazelton: Melita Station

About the Haze

"4 songs nominations in the top 30 for the 2015 Australian Songwriters Association. Woo Hoo!"
~ Lynn Hazelton

"Hazelton's outback splendour to may be likened to Paul Kelly's suburban culture"
~ Fremantle Arts Review

Red road chronicles



Gillie goes to Edinburgh - the red road chronicles

Gillie is my name for a new large unknown hybrid guitar and ukelele that "fell" into my hand at a music shop on the way to the airport :) With Gillie in tow, I'm ready for anything on the big journey north...ok - feeling a little nervous, but should be pretty safe in here.. ~Haze

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