Lynn Hazelton

Take a swig of country, dash of folk, mix it with essence of pop and you get Lynn Hazelton.

Lynn Hazelton: Melita Station

About the Haze

"4 songs nominations in the top 30 for the 2015 Australian Songwriters Association. Woo Hoo!"
~ Lynn Hazelton

"Hazelton's outback splendour to may be likened to Paul Kelly's suburban culture"
~ Fremantle Arts Review

Red road chronicles



The red road to Edinburgh

Thurs 6th Aug & Fri 7th Aug 2015 | Spotlites, 22 Hanover Street, Edinburgh Zone Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland.

One of Australia's finest songsmiths brings you the open hearted way, East Kimberley style. Settle in for a swag of catchy little tunes from the big country. Dusty folktales in every track, red over blue, white beside black. Lynn grew up listening to the campfire stories of those master storytellers, the Aboriginal stockmen.

This happy time together with the passion of her mum (a station cook and part time journalist) for poetry and music has infused a warming lyrical style that is unmistakably her own. Let this multi award winning songster shine a little light on your day ... a great start to the festival. Last time in Edinburgh with Desert Child rated a must see 4 stars in the Scotsman. See you there:) Take a swig of country, dash of folk, mix it with essence of pop and you get Hazelton. Catching tunes and throwing a line for tales of Land, Love and Life.

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